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Redefining speed planning

Companies that don’t build vessel behaviour into their speed plans make wasteful mistakes.

DeepSea’s AI allows you to intelligently harness the weather to your advantage, minimise your fuel costs, and maximise your voyage profits – through a deep understanding of vessel performance.

Optimise speed planning now

Redefining speed planning

Harness the weather Arrive at the right time Automated control Maximise voyage profit
Harness the weather

DeepSea’s AI understands the exact impact of the forecast conditions on the fuel consumption – for every individual vessel at every moment in time. It creates the optimal route and speed plan to harness this to your advantage.

Arrive at the right time

Because the AI understands exactly how the forecast conditions will impact vessel speed and fuel consumption, it will get you where you need to go precisely on time – eliminating the need for wasteful “buffers” around ETAs.

Automated control

HyperPilot increases the efficiency of any vessel by automatically applying its optimal speed to the main engine throughout its entire journey. Weather conditions change during a journey, so maintaining a speed plan requires continual RPM changes. HyperPilot automates these changes to ensure Pythia’s recommended speed is always precisely followed.

Maximise voyage profit

Because the AI understands exactly how the forecast conditions will impact each vessel’s consumption, it can find the optimal trade-off between fuel and speed to maximise your voyage profits.

Redefining route planning

Companies that don’t put vessel behaviour at the core of their route plans are unnecessarily wasting fuel every single hour.

DeepSea’s AI allows you to build custom route plans for every vessel and voyage – for minimal fuel cost, maximum CII rating, and maximum voyage profits.

Optimise route planning now

Redefining route planning

Vessel-specific routes Condition-specific routes Real-time re-optimisation
Vessel-specific routes

Every vessel is different, and “off-the-shelf” vessel models do not have the capability to create truly optimal voyage plans. DeepSea’s AI creates a highly granular behaviour model for each vessel, which is constantly updated in real-time. This means a different route may be created for every vessel.

Condition-specific routes

The vessel-specific models built with DeepSea’s AI understand each vessel’s behaviour under any set of weather conditions, and harness this deep knowledge to create the most optimal route and speed plan for fuel consumption or TCE.

Real-time re-optimisation

During every voyage, things change – whether that’s on your end (such as a change in destination or ETA), the weather, or the market. The Pythia platform monitors your vessel in real-time, and provides updated instructions to ensure the most optimal voyage plan at every point in time.

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“It reduces emissions, it reduces fuel consumption, and it increases safety during operation. It is a win-win in all aspects of sailing. “
Geir Fagerheim, SVP Marine Operations, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

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