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The revolution has begun – Voyages in HD

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Ask yourself one question: do you understand your vessels’ performance accurately enough to really optimise anything? The answer is no.

In Q1 2023 we ran a survey to discover the reality of voyage efficiency in the shipping industry. The results painted a clear picture:

Shipping is still a world of ‘rough estimates’

  • Most shipping companies understood their vessels’ behaviour only “quite well”
  • Most shipping companies have only “somewhat accurate” fuel consumption predictions (with 85% accuracy the median answer)
  • Most shipping companies do not/cannot reassess voyage plans regularly, despite the constantly changing reality

Inaccuracy inbuilt

The majority of shipping companies are now employing “generic” vessel models to generate route and speed plans, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. This is better than nothing – but still a core problem.

This is because “generic” vessel models do not provide the level of detail required to truly optimise anything. 

There is still a level of systematic, accepted, inaccuracy at the heart of voyage planning- based on a low definition understanding of vessels. This is a purely technical challenge… and a huge opportunity. 

The HD revolution is an incredible opportunity

We need a high-definition revolution. The direct result will be thousands of tonnes of fuel saved by each company.

There is only one way to bring about this high-definition revolution: Artificial Intelligence.

Take the first step: read the first of our white papers on “Voyages in HD”

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