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Bringing cutting-edge AI to the shipping industry

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DeepSea harnesses the latest in AI technology to make ships more efficient. Bringing together experts from technology and maritime, DeepSea focuses on increasing the efficiency and decreasing the fuel consumption of vessels through a combination of technical and operational insights powered by detailed AI-generated performance models.

We work with forward-thinking shipping companies to make the shipping industry leaner, greener and better connected.

Our history

DeepSea is founded in 2017 to bring the best of AI to the shipping industry
DeepSea’s AI-powered vessel optimisation platform, Cassandra, launches
ETF Investment
Investment from London-based Environmental Technology Fund
DeepSea’s AI-powered voyage optimisation platform, Pythia, launches
JULY 2021
Nabtesco Investment
Investment and partnership with Global marine leader Nabtesco
JULY 2021
Validated 7% savings
Wallenius Wilhelmsen adopts AI-powered voyage optimisation across its whole fleet, in a global first
DeepSea launches the international initiative for academic-industrial collaboration in AI

Making waves


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Shipping’s foremost AI team

DeepSea is powered by the most advanced AI team in the shipping industry. With a culture of active research, we contribute academic papers to conferences globally, run international initiatives in AI, and bring all these advancements to our efficiency-boosting products.
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“AI is decarbonisation’s secret weapon – a ‘silver bullet’ which can make a dramatic improvement to every fleet. CII, profitability, asset value – it helps our customers improve their key metrics across the board.
Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, DeepSea CEO

A world-leading team

Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos
CEO & Co-founder
Konstantinos captains the DeepSea ship
Roberto Coustas
President & Co-founder
Roberto guides the DeepSea vision
Dr. Stavros Paschalakis
Stavros coordinates all the technical functions at DeepSea to make sure results are multiplied
Alkistis Kyriakopoulou
Chief of Staff
Alkistis makes sure DeepSea’s teams are all firing together, in the same direction
Panagiota Tziova
VP of Product
Panagiota pulls the very best of DeepSea together to generate world-leading products
Symeon Chatzigeorgiou
Business & Partnerships Director
Symeon leads DeepSea’s vital relationships with key strategic partners and suppliers
Gabriele Dado
Revenue Director
Gabriele is at the helm of DeepSea's long-term growth
Antonia Georgaraki
Customer Operations Director
Antonia takes care of DeepSea customers and operations
Panos Karalis
Cloud & Infrastructure Director
Panos is responsible for the Cloud environments as well as for the IT department at DeepSea.
George Kavvadias
Software Development Director
George takes DeepSea’s product vision and translates it into working platforms
Ioannis Makris
QA Director
Giannis ensures that the DeepSea platforms you use every day are robust and dependable
Dr. Antonis Nikitakis
AI Research Director
Antonis bridges academia and industry to generate the world-leading AI behind our platforms
Line Olsen
Finance Director
Line makes sure that the DeepSea machine runs efficiently and reliably
Dr. Christos Papachristou
IoT Director
Christos combines expert knowledge of software and hardware to create DeepSea’s Neuro systems
Stathis Plitsos
Innovation Director
Stathis looks outward and forges ties with funding bodies, governments, industry and academia
Ioanna Theologou
People Operations Director
Ioanna maintains and cultivates the foremost team of technical disruptors and innovators in the industry