See your fleet with a new level of clarity

In shipping, the norm is sparse, manually entered data points, inaccurate models and ‘best guess’ calculations. DeepSea’s AI-based approach to vessel optimisation gives high-performing performance teams the tools to make major vessel improvements with less time and less money.

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How you currently run your vessels

Running your vessels with Cassandra

Deepsea optimising 0%
Up to 10% fuel waste or TCE loss Up to 10% fuel saved or TCE boost
Potential early scrappage Immense results with your own team
Outdated methods and “gut feeling” decisions Decisions based on highly accurate models
Low-quality data you don’t trust High-quality data you can trust every second
Optimise vessel operation

Managing CII

AI-driven simulation tools allow you to assess per-voyage and overall CII
based on custom vessel models

Don’t play with fire

Very soon, a bad CII rating will render your vessel un-sailable, unsellable and commercially toxic. The time for manual calculations and blind assumptions is over.

Start using the most accurate, powerful and impactful CII optimisation tool available – powered by AI.

Understanding vessel performance

Highly accurate, vessel-specific models under any weather conditions.

Non-optional knowledge

Regardless of your ship type or trading model, you will never be able to eliminate operational waste without a highly accurate understanding of how each of your vessels behave.

AI is the only tool that can give you that level of accuracy, and the insights it generates will fall directly to your bottom line.

Managing fouling

Highly accurate AI-generated fouling analysis

The greatest polluter

More than any one thing, optimising fouling management has the greatest potential to influence the global fleet’s performance. Outdated techniques such as “slip” should be jettisoned immediately.

DeepSea’s fouling model will tell you the exact impact fouling is having on your fuel consumption – right now, at any point in the past, and at any point in the future.

Keeping your vessels within expected limits

AI-generated alerts for unusual or out-of-limit readings

Superhuman senses

Technical issues never happen without warning – even if the warning is subtle. Humans usually can’t spot the patterns – but they’re always clear in the data.

DeepSea’s whole-vessel model understands what’s ‘normal’ with >98% accuracy. That means it also knows what’s unusual, so you can fix it before it gets serious.

Optimising efficiency

AI generated optimisation advice

Not monitoring – improving

You can’t improve what you can’t understand – and you can’t understand ship behaviour and condition without cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Cassandra is a whole-vessel tool that holistically understands your entire ship and makes a difference to your company’s bottom line.

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