Our core values


DeepSea transforms industries using groundbreaking technology. To do this, we must do things that have never been done before. Everyone in our team must continually innovate and keep pushing boundaries. We don’t accept the status quo, we ask how things can be better. We prioritise finding the best solution over doing things that are easy and certain. We are the sort of people who are comfortable with uncertainty and gladly navigate into the unknown without waiting for someone to give us a map.


DeepSea has achieved what it has because we care deeply about what we do and have never given up in the face of obstacles. We never stop pushing to learn more, innovate, and deliver tangible impact. Our priority is not to stick to our lane and avoid blame but to keep pushing and get things done. We accept obstacles and failure as normal and keep persisting in the face of them. When we don’t understand something, we ask questions.


We are driven by our mission to build disruptive deep tech platforms that make vessels more efficient and convince the industry to use them. We continually ask whether what we’re spending our time and energy on is effectively supporting the mission and, if it isn’t, we do everything we can to eliminate the distractions and prioritise what matters.


We remember that we are all on the same team and working towards the same goal. When disagreements and problems occur, we approach them with a problem-solving mindset. We don’t complain, blame or take things personally, we suggest a solution. If someone can help us achieve our mission by doing something differently, we tell them.

Benefits and Perks

Competitive salary package

Training and development opportunities

Paid parental and exam leave

Great Private health insurance coverage

Mental health benefits

Team bonding events

Work from anywhere

Office Equipment

Great office space in the heart of Athens

How we work

These days more than ever, life can be complex.

Perhaps you find that a little solitude helps you to concentrate on certain types of task – or that being able to deal with that plumbing issue or family situation as it arises is the best way for you to stay productive. Maybe you’re a morning person or more of a night owl.

Understanding this, DeepSea tries to give each of our team members the largest possible degree of flexibility over how, where and when they work. We require you to be physically present somewhere or join meetings at certain times only when there is a specific need. Most of our team spend most days working from wherever they want with highly flexible hours. We evaluate you not on attendance but on deliverables and results.

Together with increased flexibility comes increased trust. A committed team that works diligently and passionately to deliver results, proactively communicates with each other, are available in those cases we require in person attendance, and take every effort to be easily contactable whenever they are needed are key aspects of a flexible approach that works for everybody.


  1. At DeepSea, we are looking for people who share our values and are aligned with our mission.
  2. It is important to us to ensure that no-one who is eager and capable of contributing constructively to our team is excluded because of ethnic or social origin, gender or sexuality, age or family status, disability or medical conditions etc.
  3. Diversity is well-proven to be a vital characteristic of teams that succeed, so we do everything we can to make our environment welcoming and safe for everyone.

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