DeepSea Technologies partners with Ardmore Shipping in driving AI adoption, equipping tanker fleet with deep-learning based voyage optimisation tools

19th of March 2024: DeepSea Technologies, the award-winning maritime AI company and energy efficiency experts, today announced that it is partnering with Ardmore Shipping, a leading owner-operator of chemical and product tankers to implement Pythia, its voyage optimisation tool, across Ardmore’s fleet– enabling AI driven insights that will help the ship owner to meet the goals of its Energy Transition Plan (ETP) while driving business performance.

During the first year of the partnership, which involved a full-scale trial of the technology on Ardmore vessels, DeepSea and Ardmore collaborated to refine a series of algorithms powered by DeepSea’s AI-generated vessel behaviour models, coupled with Ardmore’s extensive historical data. This breakthrough allows an AI approach to be used within the context of tramp trade. Outcomes of this 12-month collaboration saw a promising decrease in fuel consumption and, in turn, emissions.

Ardmore’s ETP guides its approach to increasing efficiency through the trial and implementation of a range of readily available maritime technologies and fitting these together to achieve optimal performance of its fleet. To date, Ardmore has invested in fuel-efficient engines, advanced hull designs, and a vast array of other technologies that optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions. These technologies will now be complemented by DeepSea’s voyage optimisation services. 

The optimisation of non-liner trade is challenging due to operational obstacles that include uncertain arrival times and frequently-changing destinations. With defined contracts, owners and operators of tramp vessels have historically faced little pressure to adopt technologies to optimise vessel performance. The growth of regulation to support efficiency improvements across the sector as part of shipping’s energy transition means owner operators want better information and guidance to help reduce energy consumption and maintain efficient vessels.

Since its foundation, Ardmore has been one of the first movers in adopting new technologies and was one of the first tanker companies to harness high-frequency data as part of the operation of its vessels. This partnership sees the company expanding this approach, with the introduction of AI-driven insights that are dynamically updated based on the high-frequency data streamed from on-board sensors.

Ha Eun Ruppelt, Ardmore Shipping’s Commercial Project Manager, said: “Through this collaboration with DeepSea, we’re further upgrading and future-proofing our fleet for operation in today’s dynamic tanker market, aligning with our commitment to innovation and sustainability. This evolution aims to further optimise fleet performance, resulting in smarter decision-making. We look forward to developing this partnership further, and exploring how to extract the most value in terms of emissions and fuel savings through the use of DeepSea’s technologies.

Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, DeepSea’s CEO, said:We’re very excited to be expanding our collaboration with a visionary leader in the tanker space, known for its focus on quality and its successful adoption of new technologies. Together with the Ardmore team, we’ve shown how AI-powered voyage optimisation can be adapted to address the unique challenges of the tanker sector, leveraging hyper-accurate modelling of each vessel’s unique fuel profile to deliver demonstrable reductions in emissions and optimally balance fuel cost and revenue opportunity to increase commercial efficiency.

Deepsea Technologies receives ClassNK Innovation Endorsement for voyage optimization platform, accelerating expansion into Asian market

DeepSea Technologies, the award-winning Al-led maritime technology company and energy efficiency experts, has received the Innovation Endorsement from ClassNK, the world-renowned classification society based in Japan, for its cutting-edge voyage optimization services that form the foundation of the company’s suite of software. 

The Innovation Endorsement (IE) is a certification issued by ClassNK to encourage the proliferation and advancement of technologies. It also aims to collaborate with industry pioneers to establish suitable evaluation criteria for emerging technologies. 

ClassNK verified DeepSea’s software using its rigorous testing processes. The endorsement recognizes Deepsea’s adherence to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental performance, and certifies the functionality of its services, which harness the latest in AI technology to make ships more efficient.

This milestone positions the company for further growth in the dynamic Asian region, continuing its trajectory following Japan-based automation multinational Nabtesco’s investment in DeepSea in 2023. 

Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, CEO at DeepSea Technologies, said: “We are delighted to receive ClassNK approval for our voyage optimization services, as it further validates the robustness and reliability of our technology. This milestone is particularly significant as we set our sights on expanding our footprint in the Asian market. DeepSea’s advanced solutions will contribute to the region’s maritime growth by optimizing operations, reducing costs, and fostering a more sustainable shipping industry. We look forward to continuing to focus our industry-leading team of AI specialists on solving some of the biggest challenges in shipping.”

Mr. Yukihiro Mizutani, President, Marine Control Systems Company, Executive Officer of Nabtesco, said: “DeepSea’s expertise and team of AI specialists are well-known in the shipping industry, and are driving a radical improvement to vessel efficiency for their customers. This endorsement paves the way for the company’s success in the Asian region, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to accelerate the pace of innovation in the industry.”